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Mimosa Baby: Crafting Joyful Stories in Every Stitch Since 2015

Founder's Story
In 2015, a passion for creating beautiful, personalised products ignited a journey that would shine a light on hand crafted children’s wear and gifts. Meet Katie, the visionary founder of Mimosa Baby, who embarked on this adventure inspired by her own experiences as a mother. Katie's endeavour began with the simple joy of crafting hand-made clothes for her babies. As her creations garnered attention, she recognised a gap in the market for exceptional quality, hand-finished, and personalised garments and accessories that celebrated individuality.

The Mimosa Baby Difference
At Mimosa Baby, every stitch tells a story, a story of love, creativity, and the joy of childhood. Katie's dedication to providing personalised choices to her customers sets Mimosa Baby apart. Liberty print, a vibrant and timeless source of inspiration, infuses colour, quality and flair into each design, creating garments that are as unique as the children who wear them.

Handcrafted Elegance
Mimosa Baby's core collection features meticulously handcrafted garments, each a testament to Katie's skill and passion. From cozy onesies to charming twirly skirts and bloomers, every piece is made with love and care.

Liberty Print Marvels
Dive into a world of colour and pattern with Mimosa Baby's Liberty print collection, carefully curated and regularly refreshed with new exciting prints, ensuring her range is revitalised on a regular basis. Inspired by their vibrant colour and intricate designs, Katie uses these iconic prints to captivate the imagination and bring a touch of timeless charm to children's wardrobes.

Personalised Gifts and Accessories
Mimosa Baby goes beyond clothing, offering an extensive range of personalised gifts and accessories. From hooded baby towels to bunting, each item can be customised, creating a unique and cherished keepsake.

Commitment to Quality
Quality is not just a promise at Mimosa Baby; it's a guarantee. Katie's years of experience as a costume designer and dressmaker ensure that every garment meets the highest standards. From the selection of materials to the finishing touches, Mimosa Baby products are a testament to the commitment to excellence.

Sustainability at Heart
Mimosa Baby takes pride in its sustainable ethos. Katie actively sources organic and ethically produced materials, products and garments whenever possible, weaving a thread of sustainability into every creation. Mimosa Baby is not just about beautiful products; it's about making choices that are gentle on the planet and nurture the future. 2024 will see the launch of a new sustainability initiative focused on recycling and reusing pre loved Mimosa baby garments.

Join the Mimosa Family
Step into the enchanting world of Mimosa Baby, where every creation is a celebration of childhood magic. Discover the joy of personalised, handcrafted elegance that tells a story as unique as your child. Explore the collections and create cherished moments right here at www.mimosababy.co.uk and follow the mimosababyuk journey on Instagram.







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